Video Marketing Best Practices in 2016

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    video marketing best practices in 2016

    Video Marketing Best Practices in 2016

    Posted by Jessica Ward on December 21, 2015

    As we mentioned in our previous post about the digital marketing trends for 2016, video marketing is only going to become more popular and effective as time goes on. Don’t believe in trends? Then here are some solid stats collected in a Hubspot infographic to help justify that video marketing is something you should be focusing on in 2016:

    • More than 80% of senior executives watch more online videos today than they did a year ago.
    • 59% of senior executives agree that if they are offered both text and video on the same topic, they prefer to watch the video instead.
    • Sites that include videos have, on average, an extra two minutes of dwell time compared to sites that don’t.
    • By 2017, experts believe that video will take up 69% of consumer internet traffic and 79% by 2018!

    Hopefully after seeing these stats, it’s clear that video marketing can be a very powerful tool in your content strategy toolbox. So, if you’re considering taking advantage of video marketing in 2016, here are some of the best practices you can follow to make sure your videos attract and engage your viewers.

    Video Marketing Best Practices

    1. Take note of how long you make your videos. Research by Visible Measures indicates that by the 2 minute mark, you can expect to see around 60% of users clicking away. Mobile users stay a little longer (until about 2.4 minutes in), but the general consensus is that people don’t have a long attention span. Be concise and informative in your message. If it’s a complex topic, break it up into a series so it’s easier to consume.
    2. Be engaging right from the start. Further research by Visible Measures shows that you have about 10 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention as 20% of people have clicked away by that time. Don’t take the long and winded way to explain what you’ll be talking about in the video – get right to it. Address a problem or fear your target audience faces and define the remedy to fix said issue. Use the rest of the video for further explanation.
    3. YouTube is not the only distribution platform to consider. Video distribution on YouTube has been declining while Facebook is emerging as a more popular option. This is because the number of shares occurring on Facebook is overtaking YouTube. Yes, you want people to view your video, but sharing it is just as important. Sharing extends your reach, which leads to more views. It’s a healthy cycle to be in and one you want to take full advantage of with your videos.

      See the graph below from Social Bakers illustrating this point.

      youtube vs facebook video shares

    4. Extend your reach further by engaging your followers. Social media users are quick to share content, especially visual content like photos and videos. Your email list and blog followers could also benefit from viewing your visual content. Alert your current community about your latest efforts into delivering content to them via videos to extend your reach even further.
    5. Optimize your video based on platform. When posting videos on any platform, be conscious of how people who aren’t aware of your brand might find the video. When publishing on YouTube, this means filling out the title, description, and tags thoughtfully. When posting a video on Twitter, include relevant hashtags in your Tweet. Doing keyword research for your videos like you would for your other content items is just as important.
    6. Be consistent and creative. Don’t start a video marketing campaign if you’re only going to make one or two videos and then quit. Having no videos is better than having a video channel that shows only a couple videos from years ago. If you’re serious about video marketing, make a plan to be consistent in the videos you create. At the same time, make sure you are also putting just as much effort into the content you present. Taking creative and new approaches to old topics will help you rise above the rest.

    If you’re not ready to pay for a full production of video marketing materials, you can try doing a few videos yourself. Check out our free whitepaper on How to Shoot High Quality Video with Your iPhone.

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