Tradeshow Marketing Tips: Top 3 Tips for Making the Most out of your Tradeshow Investment

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    Tradeshow Marketing Tips: Top 3 Tips for Making the Most out of your Tradeshow Investment

    Posted by Beth Hawks on April 17, 2017

    Our Fire/EMS Industry customers are entering the peak of tradeshow season. So, we thought we’d share some simple tips for getting the most out of your tradeshow booth. Online and offline, these tips will help any manufacturer make the most of their marketing spend at an event.


    Everyone knows the feeling of walking down a tradeshow aisle – aka a gauntlet of ruthless salespeople. You walk as close to the middle as possible, eyes down to the floor, on a mission to make it to your next stop without engaging in a worthless “How’s the show going?” conversation. Whether it’s in person at a show or online via a Google search, today’s customers want to approach a company on their own terms. 

    Fill your booth with approachable looking sales people and engaging displays. Appear inviting, but not predatory. Select your friendliest sales reps to stay on the outskirts of the booth where people are passing by. If none fit the bill, look into hiring professional tradeshow models or event staff. Also, consider ditching the stuffy suit or plain-Jane polo for a fun t-shirt with a unique phrase or quote related to your brand or marketing message.


    Not every company manufactures a product customers can directly interact with. That’s OK! There are still ways to include an interactive experience in your booth. Think selfie stations, obstacle courses, games with prizes, beverage and food freebies, and more. What will people want to take photos of and/or share on social media? This interaction is an excellent way to elicit customer created content. That said, make sure you have a way to find it after the event with a custom hashtag!

    Also, don’t take yourself too seriously. While it’s important to maintain a professional environment, companies often forget that humor can be a great icebreaker. If event attendees see sales representatives having fun and engaging booth visitors to do the same, they’re more likely to stop and see what you’ve got going on!


    Companies often spend beaucoup bucks to be at a show. In the past, the reality has been that your audience is limited to those attending the event only. Today, we have tools to help us expand our reach. For one, consider doing Facebook LIVE from the show. You can stream your booth setup, give a tour of the space, conduct a live demo, or engage with an existing customer for a Q&A session - the possibilities are endless. Leading up to the show, promote that those that can’t be there in person can still get in on the action. To increase your viewership for the LIVE streams, plan out each day and time you’ll be hosting them and make sure people know in advance to tune in!

    Not sure where to get started with Facebook LIVE? Check out our handy How To Guide below. It covers how to do a Facebook LIVE stream from a business page on your mobile device, where to access video analytics, and some of our top tips for a successful LIVE video.