How to Increase Social Media Engagement in an Era of Decline

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    How to Increase Social Media Engagement in an Era of Decline

    Posted by Brianna Jukes on April 10, 2019

    In February, Rival IQ published a 2019 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report, which investigated engagement rates, post types and frequency, and the big three players in social: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The report found that social media engagement declined drastically in 2018. What does that mean for your digital marketing strategy?

    Businesses need a social media presence. These platforms allow you to connect with your customers, clients, and partners while increasing your brand awareness. They also give you a voice and show personality with your customer-base, which is important for your brand’s reputation. But how can you increase engagement? Here’s what works for us:

    Live Videos

    Live videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram increase engagement in a couple of ways. First, when your account goes “live,” all your followers get a notification from the platform, informing them that your account is live. This allows followers to tune in in real time and interact with your team, asking questions or making comments. It also gives your followers a glimpse into your business or products in a new way. Live videos give you the chance to showcase how products work, answer questions or engage in debate on timely topics, take your followers on a tour of your business – the possibilities are endless!

    Holiday/National Day Related Posts

    These days, there’s a national day for almost every profession. National Librarian Day is April 16th, National Hairdresser Appreciation Day is April 25th, National Police Week is May 12-18th. Get your followers to engage with posts that relate to your business! National Day Calendar provides calendars, lists, or a search option to find a day related to your business. Is there no day established that relates to your business or company? National Day Calendar gives you an option to register your own national day. With that comes a variety of opportunities for engagement, as well as SEO opportunities.

    Tagging Customers/Clients

    There’s no easier way to thank your customers than by doing so on social media. Take a quick picture or create a graphic showcasing your customer’s product, post it to social media, and tag your customer! This gives your customer something they can share on their own pages, which can also drive engagement to the post.

    Tradeshow and Event Sneak Peeks

    Giving your customer the scoop on upcoming events or tradeshows is a great way to increase engagement. Your followers will feel privy to inside information if you can tell them what products you’ll be displaying at an upcoming tradeshow or give them the inside scoop on what to expect at an upcoming event. Provide “sneak peek” pictures or graphics in the days leading up to the event. Bonus! This can drive traffic to your booth at a tradeshow or to your event! Double your engagement by going live from the tradeshow with a look at the entire product that is on display.

    A lot can go into the way your posts are displayed on social media (ie: changing the Facebook timeline algorithm); even if engagement seems to be decreasing, keep posting! Posting consistently is one way to keep your brand relevant and to encourage conversations with customers.

    What works best for your brand on social media? If you’ve done any of the above, how has it worked for you? Let us know!