Establish a National Day to Create Social Media Buzz and Gain Market Visibility

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    Establish a National Day to Create Social Media Buzz and Gain Market Visibility

    Posted by Brianna Jukes on April 25, 2019

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    National Lima Bean Respect Day, National Lost Sock Memorial Day, and National Rat Catcher’s Day are jut a few of the outrageous days that have been established throughout the years. Don’t let the insanity of some of these turn you away from how compelling a national day can be! Founding a national day is a great way to spread awareness and market your company if you celebrate a worthy cause people can get behind.

    For example, one of our customers recently worked with National Day Calendar to create National Skilled Trades Day. City Machine Technologies is a family-owned and operated industrial repair shop in Youngstown, Ohio. Through the work of CMT Vice President, Claudia Kovach, they established the day to bring awareness to the skilled trades shortage facing the United States. While this is a problem that directly impacts their business, it’s a common challenge we see with many of our manufacturing customers. This makes it a day worth sharing across a wide range of industries and audiences. Schools, trade organizations, private business, workers and students can celebrate in their own way. What a great opportunity for City Machine Technologies’ to get their name out and share the importance of skilled trades!

    The benefits of establishing a National Day, Week or Month include social media engagement, press coverage, fundraising opportunities, interest in job opportunities, market visibility and more. They also offer potential partnerships with likeminded businesses and organizations. As part of our commitment to leveraging our relationships for the benefit of our customers, we shared City Machine Technologies’ new day with all our manufacturing customers as a potential social media topic and event opportunity. This is something any company can add in to their strategic digital marketing plan.

    To learn more about the inaugural National Skilled Trades Day on May 1, 2019, visit the City Machine Technologies website here or reach out to us directly.