Compare Cloud Storage Services: Dropbox vs Box for Business

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    compare cloud storage services dropbox vs box for business

    Compare Cloud Storage Services: Dropbox vs Box for Business

    Posted by Jessica Ward on May 13, 2016

    Digital file sharing has become a major necessity for business owners in nearly every industry. Online correspondence is one of the top methods of communication in 2016, and those correspondences often involve sending files such as drafts, photos, and even downloadable contracts. While it’s possible to simply attach digital files to an email and deliver to the recipient, there are advantages to using a file sharing and hosting service—including improved security, the ability to send large files, and streamlined drag-and-drop features.

    There are multiple file sharing services to choose from, with Dropbox and Box being two of the most popular. Although there are pros and cons to both services, Dropbox is the clear winner for business owners looking for a fast and secure way to share files; and here are several reasons why.

    dropbox_vs_box.jpgDropbox Shares Files Faster, Increases Productivity

    According to Nucleus Research, Dropbox has the ability to share files up to 50 times faster than Box. Dropbox’s innovative interface increases workflow and integrates with platforms such as Microsoft O365, making it easy to share files with your office and outsourced marketing providers.

    Dropbox collaborates with Microsoft Office on many levels, which is one area where Box falls short. Its inability to integrate with Microsoft Office for Desktop ultimately results in decreased productivity for business owners.

    Dropbox Offers Unlimited Desktop Uploads, Larger File Sizes

    One of the best benefits of using Dropbox for file sharing is it allows unlimited desktop file uploads. Box limits users to 15GB of space, which is an area where Box is unable to compete. In addition, Box also limits external users to 250MB uploads; users must subscribe for the paid service if they want to share a larger upload.

    With Dropbox, users can upload files up to 10GB—giving users the ability to upload file sizes that are 40 times larger.

    Dropbox Platform is Easy to Navigate, Organized, and Visually Appealing

    Dropbox designed its platform with the end-user in mind, focusing on an easy file sharing solution that is organized and easy to navigate. It allows users to stay organized and separate files into categories, along with the ability to unlink a connected device, which are features that Box does not offer.

    8 Million Businesses Choose Dropbox as Their File Sharing Service

    Dropbox was initially designed as B2B file sharing service, and 8 million businesses are using the platform today. Compared to 240,000 businesses using Box, Dropbox easily allows you to connect and share files with any other business around the world. There are 1 billion files synced daily on Dropbox, with an average of -28 million daily synced files on Box’s platform.

    If you’re ready to break out of the Box and choose Dropbox, TGB can help. Contact us today for assistance or questions.

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