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    Digital Marketing Trends for 2016: What's Hot for the New Year

    Posted by Jessica Ward On November 23, 2015
    Take some time to get acquainted with the digital marketing trends for 2016. Getting a glimpse of what’s on the horizon will help you to start thinking about where your main focus should be to start your year off with a bang.

    Top Free Social Media Monitoring Tools in 2016

    Posted by Beth Hawks On November 20, 2015
    TBG Digital Marketing lists the top four free social media monitoring tools to help keep track of your brand in 2016.

    How to Get a Google Review for Your Business [TEMPLATE]

    Posted by Jessica Ward On November 17, 2015
    Learn how to get a Google review for your business by providing your customers an easy and efficient way to submit a Google review on your services or products.

    Top 4 Considerations for Setting A Marketing Budget in 2016

    Posted by Beth Hawks On November 11, 2015
    Setting a marketing budget can be overwhelming. TBG Digital Marketing has put together the top 4 things to consider when allocating your 2016 funds.

    The Best Document Management Software for 2016

    Posted by Beth Hawks On November 09, 2015
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    Implement a secure content management system and collaboration platform to replace your in-house Intranet with a Box Enterprise account.

    Is Email Marketing Dead? Why You Should Focus on Email Marketing in 2016

    Posted by Jessica Ward On November 04, 2015
    Is email marketing dead? We cover this myth and explain how email marketing is still going to be a viable–and favored–choice for marketing in 2016.