7 Reasons to Support Your Online Investment Strategy

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    7 Reasons to Support Your Online Investment Strategy

    Posted by Jessica Ward on May 02, 2016

    A polished and professional website is a smart investment for nearly any business, but maintaining that investment is critical to your online marketing success. In order to get the most in terms of ROI, your website needs to be consistently updated with fresh content, blog posts, new products, and more. An updated and timely website is key to generating leads and attracting new customers, and the following statistics reveal why you need to support your online investment strategy.

    Reason #1: 49% of B2B Buyers Prefer Using Websites for Work-Related Purchases (The Future of Commerce)

    Keeping up with your inventory and new services can lead to increased sales. Over time, product images and descriptions can become outdated and lose value, encouraging your customer to buy from the competition.

    Reason #2: 93% of B2B Buying Process Begins with an Online Search (Pinpoint Market Research and Anderson Jones PR)

    Did you know that 71% of searches result in a page-one organic click? One of the surefire ways to get your website in front of your customers (and on page one of Google) is by consistently producing high quality content. If you don’t update and maintain your website, customers won’t be able to find you—let alone buy anything from you.

    Reason #3: 94% of B2B Buyers Research Products Online Before Purchasing (Marketing Profs)

    Nearly every business researches products and services online before making a purchase. Adding fresh, valuable, and relevant content to your website can help customers make smart buying decisions.

    Reason #4: 59% of B2B Buyers Use a Smartphone to Research B2B Products and Services (Panvista Mobile via Score Philadelphia)

    Is your business website mobile friendly? Responsive websites are critical to the user experience of your customer, and can even result in lost leads or sales. Transitioning your website to a mobile-friendly design should be top priority for every business owner.

    Reason #5: 68% of Companies Are Still Struggling with Lead Generation (CSO Insights via Lattice Engines)

    This struggle often stems from outdated websites that don’t supply enough content and data. Your customers are looking to you as the expert, and credible content can help generate leads.

    Reason #6: 93% of B2B Companies Claim That Content Marketing Generates More Leads Than Traditional Marketing Methods (Forbes via Marketo)

    Successful content marketing strategies include a streamlined blog that is updated on a regular basis—at least once per week, although 4 times or more per week is most effective.

    Reason #7: Inbound Leads are More Cost Effective Than Outbound Leads (HubSpot)

    Outbound leads cost 39% more than inbound leads. You can use your website’s content to naturally attract customers who want buy your product or contact you for more information—which transforms your investment into an inbound lead generation tool.

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