5 Reasons Why You Should Use Call-Tracking Software on Marketing Initiatives

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    5 Reasons Why You Should Use Call-Tracking Software on Marketing Initiatives

    Posted by Jessica Ward on April 26, 2016

    One of the most important parts of a marketing strategy is being able to track the effectiveness of said strategy. Maybe your team has a lot of great ideas of how to get your company recognized and obtaining new leads, but if you can’t measure the success of any of those ideas, how do you make decisions going forward? How do you identify what’s working and what to stop spending time and money on?

    An effective way you can judge the success of a campaign is by implementing call-tracking software. The system we recommend to all of our clients at TBG is DialogTech. It allows marketers to attribute phone call conversions to the digital and offline marketing channels that drove them.

    Top Reasons to Use Call-Tracking Software:

    1. Measure the effectiveness of digital advertising like never before: When we talk about call-tracking, most people probably understand that it involves providing a unique toll free number for each campaign so that when leads call in, you can track it. However, technology for digital advertising has advanced beyond that—and it’s to your advantage! Now we can use dynamic number insertion (DNI) to display phone numbers to unique visitors and use it to track their channel, ad source, search keywords, and web activities. That means, if someone searched the term “digital marketing” for example, saw your Google ad (which displayed a unique toll free number to them) and they ended up calling you, you would know which ad they saw at what time and what keyword they used to find it. This is coveted information for your marketing team. Letting them know the keywords that are getting you leads and the ads that are working is monumental is making decisions going forward about your overall marketing strategy.
    2. Quality assurance/employee protection: It’s happened to the best of us—miscommunication. Sometimes there are situations that result in a he said/she said argument, and it’s very hard to overcome the conflict when there isn’t any “proof” besides one person’s word over another. With software like DialogTech, all calls can be recorded so you can go back and listen to what was said by each party. This way, if a customer is trying to state an employee promised something they didn’t, you can protect your employee’s integrity. Also, if the fault does fall on the employee, you can work with the customer going forward knowing the intimate details of the conversation while also doing quality control with your staff on how to handle the situation in the future. Cutting possible problems off before they have a chance to become a bigger issue is, of course, ideal, so proactive businesses can use the software for those purposes as well. Doing a quick review of how your staff is handling calls and giving suggestions monthly or quarterly on how to better handle potentially confusing or harmful situations will assure any conflicts like this are kept to a minimum.
    3. Advanced forwarding and routing features available: The software is highly customizable to fit almost any need you have. For example, perhaps you have three locations but only one full time receptionist at the main office and part-time receptionists at the other two locations. You can set the phone number forwarding to work for your circumstances. The numbers can automatically forward to the main office location at certain times, or, they can be programmed to be forwarded if the other location doesn’t pick up after so many rings. On top of that, you can setup a whisper message so the main office receptionist knows if a call is coming in for another location. This helps to keep your business running seamlessly and routing the caller to the right person as quickly as possible.
    4. Call tracking can double as a caller ID verification: Along with tracking the calls, the recorded messages will display the caller’s information, such as name, company, state, country, and callback number. If you ever get disconnected early from the call or want to where in the country you are receiving most of your calls, you can easily use this data.
    5. The ability to track phone leads with CRM integration and premium analytics platforms: With CRM integration capability, you can determine not only how many inbound calls your marketing campaigns generated, but also opportunities and revenue. You can also view your call-tracking data directly in Google Analytics alongside your web and offline data with the analytics integration. Use this information to see what online pages and events led to the offline action of a call and make adjustments to shorten the path to conversion.

    As you can see, call-tracking should be a vital part of how you identify your successful marketing campaigns over others that don’t do as well. Every business has a finite amount of money and resources to put toward marketing, so why spend any of that on initiatives that aren’t working? Along with the rich data call-tracking software can provide, it also has the potential to make your organization run smoother and more efficient in the long run.

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